Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Car Trouble, Ignorance, and a Thunderstorm in the sun

My poor car is broken. Whats worse is that I have no money to fix it. The inarticulate mechanic said, "I ain't gonna sugar coat it for ya"

"Ok hit me"

"The timing chain is busted" (waits for some sort of gasp or recognition of what that means)

"oh... yeah... that's what I figured."

"And you know that busts up the head." (I think he must mean head gasket? I don't know)

"the car's head?"

"yeah we might have to find you a new engine." (shit)

"well, let me know when you have an estimate together."

Then he proceeds to more technically explain all of the effects and details on my "broke" engine. My mind begins to wander. I am in law school. I am fairly intelligent. This man who sounds like Barney Fife knows more about the inner workings of cars then I could ever hope to. I really dislike feeling that ignorant about something. Oh well. A modern economy at work. The worst part is I feel that they kinda think I'm worthless for not knowing such things I want to yell. "COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE, COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE!!! READ ADAM SMITH!"

In another interesting happening I witnessed a Thunderstorm outside while I could still see the sun. Very weird. I mostly just wanted to include in my title "A Thunderstorm in the Sun." Like maybe a crazy sequel to a raisin in the sun. Anyway I hope you all have had a better week than I.