Thursday, May 28, 2009

Decemberists, Lawschool and Two years of marriage

I used to blog on a site called, however, I stopped blogging about 3 years ago and I forgot my password and the email address they send it to has been deleted from existence because I graduated from the citedel of christian education known as OC. I graduated and went back to school to be a lawyer. Oh and I am married now and have been for 2 years. I made my wife of one year move to Topeka, Kansas which she affectionately refers to as To-Puke-A. Clever. Everyone really seems to dislike this city but me. I feel like you can really be happy anywhere. But then again I moved back to my hometown so I can really say that for sure.

Liz and I went to a Decemberists concert last night and it was incredible when the queen sang it gave me chills. The only problem was there was this incredibly fat guy who was continually backing up very slowly throughout the concert. So I just started invading his body space as annoyingly as he was mine and he eventually started moving away from me. It was really wierd he started out about 3 feet in front of us and ended up behind us. Oh well what are you gonna do. (invade the fat guys body space thats what)

At anyrate I will post blogs on a semi weekly basis. I hope Doug will read and critique and add delightful comments. mostly I hope I have three readers. Doug, my Wife and Sam. If anyone else reads it you will probably get really bored and stop. I will also periodically post reviews of local businesses and links to those businesses.

Like this : For a Great Topeka Lawyer click the blue text. This is my dad's law firm and if you ever need a good lawyer and I haven't passed the bar yet... he's your guy. (After I pass the bar hire me instead.)